Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hello everyone

Hey there, well for this unit I have no ideal still to write about. Well since this week I notice we had to start our thesis on our essay. So I know that I need to hurry up and decide which topic I want to write about. So I decide to write about Stem Cell and how it would do wonders for people that has certain disease. But the only thing that I am not going to write about the controversial  like religious this would probably would ruin my essay. I think if I use a brainstorm when I start my essay I think that it would do me good in the long run.

Well being a online student, it let me control the time I want to go to class. and it very flexibility in my time. for an instants like having time for my family and doing my house duties, and doing my homework. I need to manage my time. not to be overwhelm with everything. 

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  1. Hi Anjelita,

    Stem cell is a great topic! There's so many angles you can go with this subject. Like, how are stem cells developed in a lab or what diseases are more receptive to this type of treatment. There must be tons of studies on stem cell research. Good luck with your paper!!

    Most definitely, time management is very intricate part of being an online student. When you have a full-time job, it becomes very challenging managing time with family, work, church, school and self...the week goes by very, very quickly. What worked for one week, may not work for the next week. I've learned how to gracefully say "No"...can't do it all!