Wednesday, August 25, 2010

this for unit four blog

Hi everyone well  I know that I am late for this.please excuse me, my schedule has change recently now I am walking back and forth to take my daughter to school and it take me one hour each time I go to the school, so in a day that two hours a day and that is a lot of walking for me, and on top of that I have my three year old that come with me to drop my daughter off to school and pick her up.

Anyhow well for this week I a have gotten some more articles, some are not so useful because some articles talks about certain thing like religious on their point of view, or on how society don't agree with stem cell because the source of it is embryonic stem cell. In my essay I don't really want controversy in my essay so I am trying to keep away from those subjects. I want to talk about stem cell in how they do good in this world and how it can cure people with certain disease and how it can change the world. I also want to let my reader to be able to have the knowledge of stem cell that can be could a positive impact and not to judge before the society don't understand the concept of what stem cell can change on human bean life with the help of stem cell and what can it do. So I would like to discuss about the good of stem cell in my essay. well thank you for reading my blog and have a nice evening. 

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