Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This week for unit six

Hey there everyone,

well today I had a big day first I had issue with my computer and I spend about three to four hour trying to fix it and it is still not fix, well for my essay I had change my topic to stem cell from Alzheimer disease, I had change it because I notice it was a lot of controversial and I defiantly did not want that in my essay, so I decide to change it. I had gotten inspired about the disease and what to know more about it and the thing that inspired me is that I watch this show on T.V and it on the Spanish channel and it is called Hasta Que El Dinero No separe. and one of the character has Alzheimer disease and this show shows about how it affect the family, so I want to learn more about. therefor I am.Well thank you for reading my blog and enjoy the rest of your evening.

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