Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my blog for unit 8

Well as revised my introduction paragraph and it did seem a easier than what I thought it would be. But then I started to wonder if I am writing the correct type of essay. So I read the syllabus many times and I still couldn't find what type of essay we would be writing about. So I decide to ask the professor in the earlier units of this term and the professor told me just to look at the syllabus and that would tell me which essay we would be doing. But I look once again and I did not find it at all. So I decide just to write my essay because our rough draft was due on the unit six. No matter what type it was, I felt frustrated  at the same time. but I thought I still need to proceed in my essay. So that is my issue that I am facing right now. So I feel so overwhelm mainly. but I did revised my introduction any way and it seem to look a little stronger, but I know it need a more work in the fourth sentence as one of my peer suggested, so I am going to work on that.

Well enjoy the rest of your evening and thank you for spending your time and reading my blog and God bless you and your family,

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