Friday, September 10, 2010

unit 7 blog

Hey everyone, how are you doing today? Well for me It good. Today I just barely got my rough draft done, it was late, like the professor told me before you better be late then never. I really do feel good about my rough draft, but I know that it has mistakes on it, Most likely the professor would give me some good advice to fix those mistake or what not. The other day was my daughter birthday she turned five year old on the 8th on September. She is getting big, but I think that she is very small for her age. Her doctor think the same as well. but my little girl is not a little girl anymore she becoming a big girl now, first she is going to kindergarten, and now she turn five, what next?

Well thank you for reading my blog and enjoy the rest of your evening, have a good day. goodbye for now.

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  1. Anjelita - next she will turn 14!! Take it from me.